Parmesan Fraud is a Serious Problem for America

canadian-parmesan-our-top-four-quick-tipsThe FDA warns that Parmesan fraud has become a serious issue for American consumers. Tests show that products deemed as “100 percent Parmesan” have substitutes like wood pulp, and cheaper cheeses like cheddar, Swiss and mozzarella. The FDA has been prosecuting industry offenders who are guilty of this proclamation.

Castle Cheese who was once a top supplier to the big grocery chains for their “Parmesan” products are under criminal case with the FDA. Castle Cheese has been making fraud cheeses for almost 30 years and supplied the Market Pantry brand at Target and two other Associated Wholesale, the nation’s second-largest retail wholesaler. Castle is the highest profile case of Parmesan fraud, and this month the president is supposed to plead guilty of the charges that could cost a year in prison and a $100,000 fine.

Industry experts say that there are still numerous companies that are full of fraud. Cheese-makers are fighting for stricter labeling laws and they say 40 percent of cheeses in the industry aren’t even a cheese product. Dairy Farmers of America subsidiary claims its tests showed only one-third of labels are accurate.

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