One Line from Beyonce Sends Red Lobster Sales Skyrocketing

Now that Superbowl 50 is over and done, there’s still time this week for the post-game (and post-halftime show) analysis. A fair amount of this analysis is without a doubt centered on Beyoncé, who performed her brand new single Formation just after surprise-releasing it to the general public. But the biggest surprise of all might have been the unexpected result of that single – on Red Lobster’s sales.

beyonce-formation[1].jpgThe song, now watched almost three million times on YouTube, includes an (explicitly worded) line about visiting Red Lobster after sex. That line immediately (and perhaps predictably) blew up social media with references to the seafood chain. The phenomenon might have ended with a few tweets, but instead Red Lobster’s sales actually spiked 33% according to CNN. Of course, that kind of publicity may only provide a flash in the pan, but if you’re looking for flash, nobody brings it better than Beyoncé.


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