Syndicated Lets You Dine and Drink with Your Favorite Flicks


The hospitality industry is well known for creative hybrids, and snacks and beverages have a way of popping up everywhere from bookstores to art galleries to flower shops. So the movie theater/restaurant combo should seem only natural – most main stream movie theaters make their profit at the snack counter, and “Dinner & a Movie” is still the most popular date choice. With that in mind, it’s exciting to see this concept done well, with as much attention paid to the food as well as the movies.

Syndicated, a new bar/restaurant/theater in Bushwick, does just that. With a thoroughly curated list of screenings (each night features either one or two flicks, often with a theme connecting them), and an equally thoughtful menu (including house cocktails, local craft beers, and dishes like heritage porchetta), Syndicated is a sure sign that the Bushwick night life is getting even livelier. They have special programming for Oscars week, but more than a few nights in January sold out early, so buy tickets online early

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