Patio Dining with Pets Under Fierce Debate

Dog owners all over New York have been celebrating the new State law which would allow them to bring their dogs onto restaurant patios while they eat. But the department of health isn’t too thrilled about this doggy dining, and they’re hoping to impose regulations that would make it almost impossible for restaurants to participate. The regulations include extensive signage specifying where dogs can and can’t be, tag checks at the door to ensure dogs are properly registered, and barriers between dining areas and sidewalks to prevent the dogs from touching any pets or people outside.

In a statement to the press, the department of health said that these regulations “explain to restaurants owners how to protect the health and safety of their patrons, and passersby.” But proponents of the original bill, including members of the restaurant industry, feel that the regulations completely neuter its intent.

The Department of Health is encouraging feedback through January 26th on their website, and will hold a public hearing on that day at their Long Island City offices.

To read more, click here.

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