The $100 Donut You Probably Don’t Need

manila-social-club-100-dollar-donut-101.jpgThe New York Lottery has been running subway ads recently which feature allegedly true stories of egregious displays of wealth – thousands of dollars spent on dead bats or caviar that never gets eaten, for example – with the tagline “You’d make a much better rich person.” The idea is a catchy one, and it’s easy to find examples of people who will pay a little (or a lot) more to get the most luxe versions of everyday items, and businesses willing to provide them. The latest example is Williamsburg’s Manila Social Club, where you can now buy a $100 donut coated in 24-karat gold and Cristal champagne icing.

The donut was originally conceived by chef Björn DelaCruz to pair with Braven Brewery‘s IPA. The recipe has morphed over time, although Manila was already known for other donuts featuring the same ube filling. So far the steep price tag and over-the-top execution have generated plenty of publicity, and according to Business Insider some guests have even paid 1,200 and gotten a full dozen. All of which raises the question – can any of us really be sure we would make better rich people than the dead-bat collectors and caviar-forgetters of the world?

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