Luxury Burgers at McDonald’s

04-mcdonalds-classic.w529.h529-1The release of an Angus Third Pound burger at McDonald’s was deemed to be a “fine-dining” shift to their menu. However, McDonald’s is no longer content with just an Angus Third Pounder but is now testing a “Signature Collection” in England. The new collection boasts the thickest patties on their already existing menu. The “Premium range” line will incorporate 100 percent locally sourced beef and ingredients like beechwood-smoked bacon and whole-grain mustard. Moreover, this new premium collection will be sourced and made from “chefs from Michelin-starred restaurants.”

With the release of the new collection, many are speculating the shift in similarity to burgers at Shake Shack or Five Guys. This is one new strategy that McDonald’s is approaching in order to revamp and reposition their burgers. McDonald’s hopes with the success of the new burger line, it will be implemented not only in England but all over the world. The premium collection is also encouraging consumers to opt for table service and to eat in.

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