Wahlsburgers is Opening in Manhattan

website-logo-black-backgrouLast year, Wahlburgers announced to New Yorkers that they are expecting to open at least seven new locations. However, New York City has only seen one Wahlburgers in Coney Island. The second location has, now, been released to be more central to Manhattan. It will be near Times Square, at 725 8th Avenue, near 45th St. The new Wahlburgers will be five stories, and 8,300 square feet of restaurant, bar and merchandise.

Wahlburgers along with Shake Shack has redefined the fast food culture with their burgers and fries. Wahlburgers hope they can create as much of a success they have seen in other cities, in New York. Especially, with the Times Square Shake Shack location in close proximity to Wahlburgers’ projected new location, a “face-off” between the burger shops will be enticing.

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