Market Diner to Close After Service Sunday

jpgAfter 53 years of business, one of New York’s finest diners is closing. Earlier this summer, rumor spread that the Moinan Group had plans to build a 13 story mixed use development at the corner of 11th Ave and West 43rd St. Presently located on the corner is Market Diner. Market Diner has been in business since 1962 and served prominent iconic people of New York City like Frank Sinatra. Frank Sinatra and the Westies gang were noted fans of the diner and frequently ate at the diner decades ago. Moss says ” Anytime I’ve gone by the Market Diner, the place was packed. People loved it.” The Market Diner was also featured on Seinfeld.

While the diner was highly popular years ago,  now, the diner is being forced out of the complex. “Diners are a dying breed in Manhattan.” With rapid increases in costs of land, landlords want to develop buildings that can potentially be rented to generate more revenue. As an effect of new developments, many older businesses are being forced out.

The Market Diner will close at the end of service on Sunday, November 1st. The Garden Center next door will also be closing for the new development.

To read more, click here.

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