Cake Doughnuts at Dough

54a30dc55ad7f-dough-brooklyn-donut-bakeryDough is already proclaimed for their perfectly formulated yeast doughnuts- crunchy exteriors with pillowy insides. However, recently Fany Gerson has been experimenting new forms of doughnuts. The first released were “doughka,” which are babka made with doughnut dough. Now, Gerson plans to formulate the perfect cake doughnut.

Gerson experimented with a lot of recipes using a traditional depositor, but because she wasn’t content with the results, she shifted to making a version that rolls and cuts. “This way, I could also play with things I could put inside,” she says. “I wanted to do a cake doughnut that has a lot of flavor and is dense but not too greasy. Cake doughnuts are much heavier in general, and as a good friend put it, they were probably created to be dunked in coffee.”

After numerous attempts, Gerson will, finally, be releasing her perfectly formulated cake doughnuts today. There are three flavors- sour cream rolled in cinnamon sugar, lemon-buttermilk, and banana-chocolate-chunk. Each cake doughnut is $2.50, and is available after noon today. With only three flavors available now, Gerson plans to explore different flavor options for the cake doughnut. One in particular that is set to be released is an apple-pear-cider cake doughnut.

To read more, click here.

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