JetBlue Airways builds Farm at JFK International Airport

e190JetBlue Airways is building a farm at John F. Kennedy International Airport as a result of a multi-year effort between GrowNYC, a non-profit environmental group. The efforts to build a 24,000 square foot farm outside Terminal 5 is primarily intended to create a more organic landscape and to be used as an educational tool to teach people about farming. JetBlue hopes to invite local students and airline customers to learn about agricultural growth. Moreover, for their food menu to be more transparent for customers.

Restaurants within JetBlue’s terminals will have access to use herbs and produce harvested from the new farm. JetBlue is, also, planning to produce their signature blue Terra Chips from the Adirondack blue potatoes grown at JFK.

The farm will grow chives, basil, carrots, mints, arugala and potatoes. Because of safety issues, produce that attract birds and animals will not be harvested- grains, seeds, berries and tomatoes. The farm is expected to yield over 1,000 pounds of potatoes every four to six months.

The new development for JetBlue creates bigger impact on global awareness in the agricultural, organic industry and potentially builds better brand equity.

To read more, click here.

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