Women rise to Be Sushi Chefs

628x471A rise in the women’s movement for equal opportunities in the job force has lead many countries and companies to enforce this movement. Recently, the government of Japan has been encouraging women to take on previously male-dominated roles in an attempt to increase the country’s workforce. Japan was ranked 105th out of 135 countries with a largest gender gaps, with 40 percent of women not working. However, many Japanese women are now challenging tradition, like becoming a sushi chef.

Traditionally, there are stereotypes called “Edo-style” where woman aren’t allowed to prepare sushi as their belief that a women’s body temperature is warmer than a man’s altering the taste of sushi. Yuki Chidui, 28, sushi chef and manager of Nadeshico Sushi Restaurant in Tokyo, has created an all-women chef restaurant. “I think women are better at communicating with customers, and they’re kind and gentle.” Chidui chose to hire only women staff because she ultimately hopes to encourage other women break barriers and revolutionize Japan’s restaurant work force.

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