La Colombe Wants to Be the Next Major Coffee Chain

LaColombe_Fishtown-600x397Todd Carmichael, CEO of La Colombe, has big plans for his business and with the help of a brand-new investor, Chobani founder Hamdi Ulukaya, he plans to expand his business quickly. Carmichael wants to innovate new ways of drinking coffee, like his recent success of his draft lattes (made form cold-brewed coffee and frothed milk). La Colombe is planning to expand by having food offerings, including Chobani, canned lattes in grocery stores, and opening new shops in every major U.S city.

Carmichael wants to improve and evolve America’s retail shelves “the packaging is off, the logistics are off, and the bags of coffee are old.” With his distributions of coffee expanding through cafes, though wholesale, and directly to customer through e-commerce and grocery stores, Carmichael is confident that him, his investors, and his company can better a café experience, and quality in America.

One of his newest products he is expecting to immerse into grocery markets are canned lattes. While Frappuccinos were already a past favorite, with the shift in health focused eating habits and the high amount of sugar levels in a Frappuccino, Carmichael wants a new innovative bottled drink that will be natural, and without tons of sugar. Along with recreating bottled coffee, La Colombe is challenging the idea of draft lattes on tap.

La Colombe is also expanding their food offerings into two categories-savory pastries and a full lunch. While there is no plan to make a café into a lunch place, Carmichael has created a new development that can receive the response from foodies and make people happy all while keeping their café image.

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