Two Hands to Open a Restaurant in Tribeca

largerGiles Russell and Henry Roberts, owners of Two Hands, is planning to expand their coffee shop to Tribeca, but as a full-service restaurant. Two Hands, located between Little Italy and Chinatown, boasts a unique design and sense of community. Russell and Roberts built Two Hands as a beachy, bright atmosphere with a laid-back lifestyle advocating people to hang out and have a coffee without feeling any pressure. They are hoping to carry this laid-back atmosphere over to their full-service restaurant. “This will hopefully be the same, with just a few more people, and some more food and cocktails” Russell says.

The restaurant will seat 50 people, and at night the espresso bar will be a cocktail bar. The breakfast, lunch and inner menus are all health conscious with vegetables, but will not be strictly vegetarian. There will also be a few Australian-style meat plates, like the Australian-style burger.

Russel and Roberts are hoping to redesign Church Street from being too commercial and industrial to being an area where people can comfortably get food and be with friends.

To read more, click here.

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