Mom bloggers are Changing American perceptions on Food

Unknown“Mom bloggers” are essentially a network of parents who give advice on what foods you should feed your kids. Mom bloggers express desires to buy foods that are organic, locally grown and eco-friendly. “Often, when the female reader is going through the same daily parenting drama as a favorite blogger, the shared pain and joy cements a personal loyalty and unsurprisingly, advertisers are hoping to capitalize on mom bloggers’ seemingly personal connection with their readers.”According to a CBC documentary loyalty can be worth as much as $2 trillion dollars, and research shows that mom bloggers mention at least 73 brands per week, with 56% of other moms buying brands based on these blog posts.

Lisa Leake, a mother of two started a petition in 2012 against Kraft Foods using artificial food dye in their products like their Kraft macaroni and cheese packets because of fears of hyperactivity, allergies and migraine headaches. As the petition gained more publicity within the mom blog world, by March 14th 228,000 signed on to the petition. Kraft’s mac and cheese market share fell to 78 percent in 2014 from 82 percent in 2010. And Kraft has announced that they would remove the dye in U.S. brands by 2016 to promote real food and transparency.

This massive “mom” market is potentially changing American perceptions on what foods are desirable. Because of this huge influence from mom bloggers, corporations are heavily investing in attaining popularity and a scoop in the “mom blog.”

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