Google maps can Help Avoid Long Waits

UnknownNot only can Google maps help you avoid traffic and find the fastest routes to destinations, but now Google maps can help you avoid long lines at your local coffee shop. With a new update, Google maps will show potential wait times at coffee shops and restaurants, helping consumers avoid lengthy lines.

Google Maps has already implemented location information including hours of operations, contact details and even menus. Listed establishments with these already location cards will now have a timeline charting their busiest hours. While some data can be easily predicted, such as Starbucks being busiest in the morning rush, it is featured to be more useful with utilizing it alongside other Google maps tools. Google maps will now be able to re-route around delays and plan out routes to avoid long lines.

The new feature is available to Google Maps users in Android apps and on both Chrome and Safari apps for iOS.

To read more, click here.

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