Food Startups will Dominate in 2015

shutterstock_231815896More than 80,000 food companies coexists and thousands are starting a new food business every year. Lisa Curtis, business and food tech analyst, believes 2015 will be the year that food startups will receive broader recognition. In 2014, there was a record breaking sales of $2.36 billion raised in the food and agriculture industry. The industry continues to grow as it becomes more attractive to entrepreneurs. Food is a commodity that everyone needs and is flexible to adjust towards changing consumers’ demands. The industry also holds potential fortune justified by mergers and acquisitions from major food companies that resulted in billions in sales.

Because food stands as a universal demand, food companies can effect and shift an entire supply chain, which attracts investors because of its huge reach and impact. Not only are investors seeking new startup food companies to join, but technological innovators are attracted to the startup food industry. The food industry is creating more sustainable, animal-free and fortified foods but also improving logistics and increasing convenience for consumers. The technological industry is collaborating with and overlapping into the food industry to meet demand in food through technological innovations.

The rapid increase in the amount of funding, pitch events and acquisitions in food direct an increase in the in the popularity and interest in the food industry and food startups.

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