Potential New Bread-Only Bakery in NYC

Chad Robertson, the man behind San Francisco’s Tartine, has been spending a lot of time on the east coast recently, particularly in New York City. This has fans getting excited about the speculation that he may be opening up shop in New York. Robertson was spotted in Bushwick with the bakers at Roberta’s as well as spending time with Danny Bowien at Mission Chinese Food pre-opening giving out tips and advice on mastering the perfect pizza dough.

Hopefully the reports that Robertson is looking into a bread-only bakery concept in NYC are true. The shop would be run by a solo baker and would sell only what that baker could produce in a single day. Robertson mentioned last year that his hold up with opening a shop in New York was finding the ‘right person,’ on site; he stated, “I don’t have that New York person yet. It doesn’t work without that person.”

Robertson recently opened a new space in San Francisco as well as an outpost in Japan and one in London in the works. Although it seems unlikely that the NYC bread shop would happen in the near future, we are still hopeful! To read more about Chad Robertson’s rumored bread-only bakery in NYC, click here. 

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