Engaging Guests With Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are key to acquiring repeat customers and engaging the guest whether creating the program from scratch or tweaking an existing program. Consumer behavior has changed remarkably in the digital era; most of us are all guilty of picking up our smartphones first thing in the morning and being the last thing we look at before bed. This behavior is important to take into account when building a loyalty program. Caroline Papadatos, senior vice president of international corporate marketing at Loyalty One has stated, “What we’re seeing is that savvy retailers are adapting and they’re getting ahead of the customer.”

By nature consumers like personalizing what they are shopping for, and this is a great thing for enterprises to take advantage of to tap into their guests’ habits  and gain this sort of data to create a unique shopping experience. The personal data is key in creating and running a successful loyalty program but it is as important to know what to do with this collected data. Different aspects of loyalty programs such as promotional pricing, points programs and perks should all be tied into a single platform. According to David Zychinski, Walgreens Senior Manager of Loyalty Strategy and Insights, data can only become a decision-making tool after retailers take the time to prioritize and when they apply the data to other aspects of their businesses. For more information on customer loyalty programs, click here.

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