DBGB Kitchen + Bar: Lyonnais Bistro Meets American Tavern

299 Bowery, between Houston & 1st Street       Tel. 212.933.5300


Their Success…DBGB Kitchen and Bar manages to create an intimate atmosphere within a large space by offering diners the chance to share different menu items. There is a phenomenon that occurs frequently in any big city when going out for dinner in a large group: the confusion around ordering dinner when not everyone wants an entrée or main, but everyone wants to split the same small-portioned appetizers. Of course we all know the best solution for being able to try small bits and pieces of what a restaurant has to offer is to go down the tapas route (for which the city has many great options), but what if you don’t necessarily feel like being bound particularly to Spanish cuisine?

More and more restaurants are offering small, shared plates or family style dining options as the solution to this large-group-ordering dilemma. DBGB Kitchen + Bar seems like a quaint sidewalk café on Bowery from the outside, but once you enter the space it is overwhelmingly large, decorated from floor to ceiling with shelves fully stocked with dry goods and tableware in keeping with the feel of the restaurant supply neighborhood. Beyond the entrance and bar area is the long dining hall, with private booths on either side that add to the intimate dining experience.

Daniel Boulud’s concept at DBGB is a fusion of a French brasserie and American tavern. The most popular shared plate items on the menu are the sausages. The restaurant offers over 12 varieties of house-made sausage including the “Tunisienne,” a lamb & mint merguez with harissa, lemon braised spinach & chickpeas, and the Thai pork sausage with lemongrass and red curry, green papaya, basil fried rice, chili sauce, and topped off with a quail egg. With a selection of over 20 draft beers, 75 bottled beers and a full wine list, you are sure to find the perfect beverage to be paired with your bistro style meal.

In the spirit of family style dining and sharing, DBGB also offers the option of ordering in advance a slow-roasted suckling pig for up to eight people that is stuffed with swiss chard, pork loin, roasted tomato & wild mushrooms, and served alongside fingerling potato lyonnaise & brussels sprouts. Other dishes that are perfect for sharing and ordering in large groups include the charcuterie dishes and impressive shellfish platters; and for those of you who just prefer to order your own main dish, DBGB offers delicious house-ground hamburgers.

Take Aways…DBGB Kitchen + Bar offers a pleasant dining experience where large or small groups of diners can enjoy a tasty, sophisticated and well-priced dinner. Being able to share different small plates adds to the warm, familiar and friendly vibes. The Lyonnais-American bistro fusion atmosphere is certainly a success.

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