McDonald’s to Simplify Menu Items

McDonald’s has had it’s biggest U.S. sales decline in 14 years, and is looking to take major steps to rectify the situation. The main step McDonald’s is taking to re- boost sales is to remove a good amount of items from its menu offerings. McDonald’s will also be getting rid of preservatives and will be offering customizable toppings. USA President of McDonald’s, Mike Andres, stated at an analyst meeting last month that the chain would be removing a total of eight items from the menu, offering 11 extra value meals down from the usual 16. Customers and investors alike have noticed that operations would run smoother and sales would stop being stagnant by drastically focusing and simplifying the menu. When there are too many menu items it becomes overwhelming and time consuming for staff members to learn all the procedures.

McDonald’s is also currently testing “Create Your Taste,” as part of its efforts to beat the 14 months of no sales growth. This would allow customers to personalize their burger, a key part of fixing McDonald’s image issue. Andres would also like to enhance McDonald’s menu offerings by having shorter ingredient labels and being “more culinary inspired.” The president also stated that, “the pace of change outside of McDonald’s has become faster than perhaps the pace of change internally.”

To read more about the steps McDonald’s is taking to reverse a negative sales growth, click here

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