Mu Ramen Opened in LIC

Owners Joshua and Heidy Smookler opened their new permanent brick and mortar ramen restaurant yesterday in Long Island City. There was a long delay in opening as they waited for Con Ed to connect their gas, but opening day is finally here! Joshua previously worked at Per Se, and Heidy at Buddakan before they decided to open up a pop-up ramen shop that gathered a rather large and loyal following. In the Spring of last year, New York Times food critic Pete Wells wrote that when he, “made a list of my favorite bowls of ramen in the city, I put it in first place.”

The new Mu Ramen can be found at 1209 Jackson Avenue (48th Avenue) in Long Island City, Queens. The new space features an open kitchen, dark-wood finishes and brick walls. The counter can seat up to 22 people and the cooks also double as waiters because as Joshua says, “I like the personal interaction you get at sushi bars.” Enough about decor and service, the menu is what makes people crave Mu Ramen! Up to 120 lbs of pork bones are boiled in a 24inch diameter pot at the highest heat for over 20 hours. Each bowl of Mu ramen is extracted from about 24oz of the pork marrow bone. According to Joshua and Heidy, “Time, no MSG and great effort are the key ingredients to Mu Ramen.” The menu also offers fried chicken wings stuffed with brioche and foie gras, and plenty of truffles.

To read more about the opening of Mu Ramen in Long Island City, click here

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