Kokonas’ New Reservations System

Nick Kokonas, from Next, The Aviary, and Chicago’s Alinea, announced today that his restaurant ticketing company has progressed forward to challenge the status quo of online reservations. According to Kokonas, the new company called Tock, has raised “several million dollars on a tens of millions valuation.” Big name investors include Dick Costolo of Twitter, Kimbal Musk, Jason Fried, Marc Benioff, Scott Hansma, Ming Tsai and Melman Family (of Lettuce Entertain You and original investors in OpenTable). Thomas Keller of the French Laundry is also on board as an investor, advisor and board member.

Keller will be incorporating Tock at both the French Laundry and Per Se this coming spring 2015. Keller explains that Tock is a reservations system that will improve guest experience at his establishments. Keller explains that,“Right now when you call for a reservation at 10 a.m., 90 percent of the time you’ll get a busy signalThen the majority of our guests who get through get the response of ‘Sorry we’re booked.’ Now they are disappointed they didn’t get a reservations. This affords certainly more transparency and more opportunity to get a reservation without the frustration of calling and getting a busy signal. We’re increasing the quality of experience for our guests.”

Kookiness worked on creating a solution that has custom featured such as the ability to exchange tickets a certain number od says out and a wait-list for last-minute bookings. Kokonas explains that while each establishment can customize as they see fit, “Not all features will apply to every restaurant, but they can pick and use the features they need. So some may want a wait list while others will not.”

To read more about the new reservations system by Nick Kokonas and the restaurants that are hopping on board as clients or investors, click here

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