Kappo Masa Opening on UES

Larry Gagosian is a globally known art dealer who is very important in his field. He owns a chain of his own galleries of which the flagship gallery is found on Maddison Avenue and 76th Avenue. Larry always believed that upper east side area neighboring his Gagosian Gallery needed more restaurants. Gogosian then had an idea: to open a restaurant within the gallery. “I had an idea for a restaurant in this building.”

Gagosian proceeded to asking a chef at whose restaurants he is a regular: sushi master Chef Masa Takayama from his restaurant Masa near Columbus Circle. After Gagosian proposed to begin a partnership, Chef Takayama agreed and the deal was done! The lower level of the gallery was transformed into a stylish dining room with textured oya stone walls and some interesting art pieces. “This is not going to be an extension of the gallery,” Mr. Gagosian said.

The open kitchen will serve raw and cooked items for a large, seasonal menu of sushi; sashimi; and grilled, steamed, braised and fried dishes. Many of these dishes will often offer luxurious ingredients such as caviar or white truffles which will be served on dinnerware that has been designed by Chef Masa Takayama. The presentation of the sashimi is very inventive as it is displayed on frozen blocks of glass. Bamboo Bento Boxes will be served at the lunch hour. The restaurant within an art gallery will open tomorrow at 976 Madison Avenue (76th Street), 212-647-2942.

To read more about the partnership and new restaurant where art and sushi collide, click here

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