Customer Connections in Fast Casual Enterprises

It is challenging for fast casual enterprises with limited service to find the time and opportunity to make a real connection with their guests. It is natural that in a busy, crowded environment the staff can act in a very transactional manner to keep the lines moving, however the guest values a true connection with employees. According to the feedback system Goodsnitch, guests were 57 percent more likely to recommend a restaurant if they singled out a specific employee for praise. Some enterprises are adding floating staff in the dining areas to increase throughput and elevate the service.

The salad fast casual concept Tender Greens are very busy for lunch service and are adding staff in the dining room with the sole purpose of engaging wit the customers. Noodles & Company have been testing the effect of adding floating dining staff for this purpose for the past two years and have plans to roll out in all their stores by 2016. Tender Greens CEO Erik Oberholtzer states,”We are adding a greeter or store brand ambassador to walk the restaurant engaging guests throughout their experience…this person will greet guests upon arrival at peak times, answer questions, suggest specials or chit chat with regulars. They will follow up with guests throughout the experience to see how things are going.”

For tips on how to train staff, know your core audience and how to build customer relationships, click here

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