Helping Restaurants Integrate Apple Pay

NCR Corporation (consumer transaction technologies) enables over 485 million consumer transactions per day. The integration of Apple Pay is important to the all the industries that NCR Corporation serves such as travel, hospitality, retail, global and small businesses. Apple Pay is a highly secure form of payment that NCR will help integrate for its customers using traditional POS, mobile commerce channels, mobile apps and a mix of the these.

It is important that NCR’s customers across these industries are able to drive mobile payment technology and have the ability to establish secure digital payment and enhanced digital marketing capabilities. Jimmy Fortuna, vice president of product development and chief technology officer for NCR Hospitality states, “With Apple Pay, Apple has transformed mobile payments and will have an impact on the industry like never before. We are thrilled to be working closely with Apple to help retail and hospitality customers integrate this new method of payment into their operations, providing an easy, safe and secure way to pay with a single touch…We believe Apple Pay and Apple’s extraordinary reach among consumers will further enable NCR to create business-transforming innovations for our customers.”

To read more about NCR Corporation’s  integration of Apple Pay, click here

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