Cevich: Seafood Fast Casual Enterprise

21 E 15th St (Union Square)                                                                                       Tel. (212) 242-4976


Their Success…The guest experience at Cevich includes an affordable, customizable menu with a quick dining experience.  Cevich, founded by Reina Laws and Lindsay Golstein, is an original Hispanic fast-casual restaurant concept open now on W 15th St in Union Square. Cevich proudly serves a “build your own” ceviche menu that incorporates both traditional and inventive flavors. Ceviche is fish not cooked by using traditional heat methods but by using acid. The sauces are made in house daily using local, fresh ingredients. This grab-and-go ceviche concept is appealing as a healthier dining option as well as to gluten-free diners.

The space itself is very well kept and playful. There is a ceiling swing with a pillowed seat that hangs in the back corner next to two benches that surround a small table with a chalk surface. A bucket of chalk is available at the condiment station to bring to the table and let your artistic side take hold! The upbeat music and vibrant blue and pink colors add to the fun, vacation vibe of the place. An ‘Underwater Fun Facts’ board is posted at the cashier to entertain the guest as they wait for their dish to be prepared.

Take Aways…The signature product is fun, original and affordable. The bright interior design, lighthearted ambiance and exotic coconut and citrus flavors all give the impression of being on a tropical holiday. The friendly staff makes the experience very pleasant as they explain the menu, make smart suggestions and overall ensure the guest is well informed before placing their order. Cevich truly stands on its own being the first grab and go ceviche concept in New York City.

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