New Dining Hall in Grand Central Terminal

Vanderbilt Hall in Grand Central terminal has hosted many pop up shops, private events and temporary displays in the past. Now it is on its way to installing a permanent dining hall. It would also become home to a fine-dining restaurant headed up by Claus Meyer, founder of Noma in Copenhagen.  The Metropolitan Transportation Authority revealed the food hall plans last Friday which has been endorsed by a committee in charge of managing the proposals for the space. The Metro-North Railroad committee will hold a preliminary vote with the committees financial advisors and then the board will meet to make a final decision.

This project would add more casual dining choices in addition to the food court at the terminal’s lower level as well as other retail shops and cafes. There will also be  large 100-person Nordic Brasserie and a grab-and-go in the space that is currently a Hot & Crusty stand. The idea of the project is to generate more traffic for existing tenants and to have enough new variety and choices to engage all price points. The project is set to be completed in the next two years.

To read more about the future plans for Vanderbilt Hall click here

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