Papa John’s Entrepreneurial Advice on Growing A Business

John Schnatter impressively built the global pizza franchise that is now Papa Johns. Schnatter has shared some of his most valuable lessons learned through his experiences to last month in Washington D.C. during National Small Business Week. One of the major lessons he learned from his father before he even started building his pizza empire was that hiring the best people did not necessarily mean hiring the most experienced; he stated, ” You look for people who are positive and who have integrity…That’s how he taught me to train for aptitude, hire for attitude.”

Schnatter believes in the importance of being surrounded by people with great can-do attitudes and spirits that are full of passion. The key is not to be too controlling of employees but to give them a direction to head in and provide them with the appropriate resources and lead by example. It is important to motivate and reward them when they are doing things right so that they can begin to motivate themselves.

Of course Schnatter states that one of the most important elements to growing a business is to have an effective business model. However, he also shares some advice on how important it is to make a few mistakes along the way and not get down on yourself because of them; mistakes need to be made in order to learn from them, analyze and innovate.

To read more on John Schnatter’s advice on growing a business, staying competitive and establishing a culture of entrepreneurship, click here


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