Coffee Bartering at Tonx: Starbucks Card for “Higher Quality” Coffee Beans

Coffee subscription company Tonx is offering dollar-for-dollar credit towards “better quality” coffee beans in exchange for your Starbucks gift card balance. Their philosophy: “We Source. We Roast. We Ship. You Brew.” The Tonx team comprises coffee mavens whose resumes boast high-end roasters Ritual, Intelligentsia and Stumptown.

Tonx’s homepage forces prospective subscribers question the value of a dollar through a compelling visual:

$38 at Starbucks = 8 frappucinos

or, 11 cappucinos

or, 17 drip coffees

or, 48 cups of “carefully sourced, expertly roasted, super fresh coffee.”

The website proceeds to highlight the company’s differentiation points— “highest quality beans, brew guides, affordable tools, one-on-one brew help, coffee ratings, weekly publications,” and most importantly, “happiness.”

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