150 Prince Street between Thompson Street and West Broadway (SoHo) • 646.998.3800


Chobani SoHo

Their Success…Chobani SoHo, currently the only Chobani outpost in the world, transforms a notoriously healthy yet mundane food (yogurt) into something delicious and accessible. Chobani SoHo’s philosophy, “yogurt was meant to be simple— just milk and cultures,” speaks volumes. This “simplicity” is present in the store’s design, menu format and food selection. Genuinely friendly and knowledgable staff operates Chobani, guiding customers through the menu and helping them select their ideal “creation.” Chobani employees take customer service one step further by having foresight and using customers’ questions as an opportunity to make optimal yogurt recommendations. Half portions cost $4 and full portions $5.50. Although yogurt and water are the only food and beverage items sold, Chobani is far from prosaic. The nine sweet and savory creations cater to customers of all preferences, whether they’re coming from the gym, work or school. Each “creation” features three-five additions which will satisfy almost anyone’s cravings. Limiting the number of choices a customer has to make creates a more welcoming environment.

Simplicity not only embodies Chobani’s food and philosophy, but also the ordering process. The staff to customer ratio is ideal, a clear assembly line leads to seamless and efficient order-placement, and the iPad POS Ambur results in quick and efficient payment transactions.

Take Aways…Any food, no matter how it’s currently perceived by the public, can be turned into something exciting. A few additions go a long way, in Chobani’s case.

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