150 Wythe Avenue at North 8th Street (Williamsburg) • 718.388.8037

bakeri 6


Their Success…telling a story through their guest experience.  From the artifacts in its storefront to its layout, to its passionate and dedicated staff, everything about Bakeri paints a more in-depth picture of its concept, indicating to guests what type of products they might expect to find, what type of service they will experience, and what the enterprise values.

When guests first glimpse Bakeri, they might notice the antique scales in the window, or the mid-century light fixture illuminating the lettering on its front window, or the vintage containers perched on the ledge as though someone’s grandmother had left it there for a moment.  Inside, guests will certainly notice the 1950’s-style jumpsuits that serve as staff uniforms, the handmade signs for products, and the farmhouse-style kitchen adjacent to the main counter.  Bakeri feels as though it were the central hearth plucked from a Midwestern farm, which is echoed in its products—largely comprised of updated versions of American classics.

Furthermore, each space within Bakeri builds upon the others to create an experience for guests.  Guests can linger up front, or wander towards the back of the enterprise into its garden like one would at a home. While normally we spotlight streamlined service flow, the relaxed flow at Bakeri serves to enhance the guests’ experience, rather than detract from it.  It generates a leisureliness that reinforces the feeling of being at home in the enterprise.

With its design—both spatial and interior— coming together, the experience at Bakeri feels genuine, authentic, and comforting, just like its delicious baked goods.

Take Aways…Each element of your enterprise, from your layout to your staff uniforms, should speak to something about your concept, building upon each other to create a true experience for your guests—a feeling that they have entered a space completely separate and distinct from the world around it.  Being a guest in your enterprise should feel like a story that guests are told through the atmosphere and products you have created.


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