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Juice Press

Their Success…With summer just behind us, many people are still trying to hold onto their healthy habits—fruit- and vegetable-filled salads, juices, and light fare—all through the year.  One way New Yorkers, and now people across the country are doing so is through cold-pressed juice.  And when it comes to juice, Juice Press is among the most notable retailers, growing rapidly amidst a frenzy of press.  Juice Press, helmed by founder Marcus Antebi, has taken New York City by storm, bringing with it not only cold-pressed juice, but also a lifestyle that has generated brand fanatics.  And with 8 locations in the city and another 7 planned within the year, Antebi is poised to take his brand to even greater heights.

What is driving the brand is not just its craveable products and prime real estate, but Antebi’s fervent belief in himself and his concept. By being his concept’s strongest supporter, both in his actions and his words, Antebi has convinced others to believe in it, as well.  His passion for healthy living and belief in his product is evident in all aspects of the enterprise.  Antebi is the consummate advocate for his concept, from his enthusiastic media interviews, to in-store marketing materials to his own lifestyle.

As the face and embodiment of the Juice Press lifestyle, Antebi empowers and motivates loyal followers and new guests alike.  Juice Press becomes more than just juice for guests—it is a feeling they crave and want to seek out again and again.

Health-conscious juice fans are not the only ones taking note of Juice Press’s success.  In 2012 Juice Press raised $7 million in funding from high-profile investors such as New York Yankee Mark Teixeira, Ken Langone of Home Depot, and billionaire Stanley Druckmiller.

With the support of these investors as well as Juice Press’s ever-increasing base of brand loyalists, Antebi has positioned his brand for strong growth in the rapidly expanding cold-pressed juice market.

Take Aways…Believe in your concept and others will follow.  As an enterprise owner, you will always be the strongest supporter of your brand and the best advocate for your concept.  By giving your brand a face, you give guests and prospective investors confidence in the value of your products and your potential for continued success.

Starbucks to Offer Evolution Fresh Juices and Snacks at Whole Foods

Starbucks announced this week that it plans to sell its line of Evolution Fresh cold-pressed juices at Whole Foods Markets nationwide.  Retail prices for the juices will be between $2.99 and $6.99 for a 15-ounce bottle.  Appearing on store shelves as early as this week, the initial offerings will include 12 popular blends, as well as two exclusive creations.

Starbucks will also introduce Evolution Harvest, a line of snacks including fruit snacks, trail mix, and nutrition bars, into Whole Foods Markets.   The Evolution Harvest line will also be available in Starbucks retail locations later this year.

Starbucks acquired Evolution Fresh in 2011 with the goal of offering its products in 8,000 retail and grocery outlets by the end of 2013.

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Cold Press Juice is Hot: Insiders Speak Out

The NYT Dining Section today has a fresh take and scoops from the biggest names in the juice business and how it has boomed. From the early pioneers to the massive distributors of late, it’s an interesting take on different juicing methods, their defenders, and detractors.