Made in China

Imported-Wine-in-ChinaChina is infamous as a leader in mass production- “they can reproduce Western manufacturing or technology overnight, but they lack prestige to replicate European artisan culinary delicacies.” China, recently, is successfully producing wine in their growing boutique wine market that has debunked its conventional stereotype. European countries like France and Italy have a long history and generations of producing wines in their vineyards while China has never been recognized for their wine. However, the Chinese have reoriented their wines to reciprocate the production methods held in Europe to produce their own wine in their vineyards and it has successfully entered the industry. The Cabernet blend Jia Bei Lan became the first Chinese wine to take the prestigious international trophy at the Decanter World Wine Awards in 2011. Chinese wine has grown in clientele across elites in China, but still face a challenge in convincing consumers to give Chinese products a chance. Because of China’s reputation of mass production elitists and wine enthusiasts label Chinese wine to be foul. Moreover, the idea of wine based from vineyards is a new concept to the Chinese culture. For 4,000 years the Chinese have preferred grain-based wine rather than grape wine. Along with productions of boutique wineries in China, China has also been influencing the shifts of the luxury ends of the market as China’s elitists are increasingly showing interest into the wine market.

To read more on China’s influence in the wine market, click here

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