Momofuku Ko uses Instagram for more

Instagram is frequently used as an outlet for companiesB2M7E5DIYAAy0fg.0.0 in marketing, but Jordan Salcito, the Momofuku Wine Director, utilizes Instagram not only as a distribution medium but as a base in creating Momofuku’s wine list. Instagram along with other social media outlets like Twitter is essentially numerous social circles created from following friends and “liking” interesting posts. Salcito theorizes that within social media social circles are aroused through similar interests and style. Similarly winemaker friend groups on social media are indicators of actual wine styles.Through this idea Salcito creates a wine list where every bottle of wine can be suggested through the relationship between its corresponding sommelier.

Momofuku Ko’s wine list attracts wine enthusiasts through its stark photography of sommeliers and a description of the relationship between wine bottles but also attracts customers on a smaller budget. Often wines that are buzzed throughout social media are rare and start at a high price range But, Salcito’s intentions with grouping similar styles of wine potentially allows customers to drink a Boisson for $85 instead of a Coche-Dury for $795.

To read more on Momofuku Ko’s Wine list, click here.

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