Retail Spotlight: Arcade Bakery


When one walks into the conventional office building of 220 Church, they are transported miles away as the intoxicating aroma of Arcade Bakery’s freshly baked bread fills the air. A sign on the side of the building identifies the bakery, but it is not until guests walk 300 feet into the building’s elegant Art Nouveau lobby will they find the discrete window of Roger Gural’s first venture.

People line up at the petite booth looking down at the small pastry case filled of beautiful goodies and above to the oversized loaves of bread lining the shelves beyond the counter. Just a window away, patrons can glare into the following room where bakers are hard at work crafting the next batch of confections. Eight fold out tables line the sides of lobby, providing cubbies for customers to nestle into and enjoy their freshly baked treats.

Arcade Bakery specializes in traditional handcrafted breads and yeasted pastries that are baked on site daily. The Bouley and French Laundry alumnus lunched Arcade Bakery in May 2014 and has been slowly expanding his operations since. Currently the hours of operation are 8am – 4pm, Monday through Friday and the bakery’s menu has welcomed a crossover to lunch that includes sandwiches and pizzas, which can be ordered online in advance.

Arcade Bakery is faced with a unique challenge. They must pull guests in without the assistance of a storefront. There is no neon sign screaming world-class pastries to draw in customers but instead they must find another way to let customers know they are relevant. In an interview with Eater, Rodger Gural shared that he was inspired by cities like Japan where guests can find fantastic food in subway and train stations. Just like these eateries in which Gural found inspiration, Arcade Bakery must keep their quality and service unwavering, making their unconventional retail space a destination.

In order to remain successful Arcade must rely on the return customer and good old-fashioned word of mouth, both which only occur if customers leave satisfied. Lucky for Gural, word of his fluffy slices of babka, the light and flaky croissants and unique creations such as his Pineapple Up-side Down Brioche have resonated with customers. Arcade Bakery is building a world-class reputation from an unassuming Tribeca lobby one pastry at a time!

Arcade Bakery is at 220 Church (between Worth and Thomas),

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