NYC Department of Parks and Recreation: RFP For Mobile Food Vendors City Wide

The New York City Department of Parks and Recreation has released a Request for Proposals for the sale of specialty foods from mobile units at various locations city wide.  Concessionaires are to apply for a single term, which is to last five years.  The concession is to be operated pursuant to a permit issued by Parks; no leasehold or other proprietary right is offered.

The deadline for proposal has been set as May 11th at 3:00PM.  Follow up interviews are scheduled for the week of June 8th.  In order to apply, vendors should submit a detailed operation plan for the entire Permitted Premises.  This plan includes, among other details, hours of operation, menu and prices, plans to install energy efficient appliances, and any plans to use “Green Seal” or environmentally friendly products or devices, staffing plans, safety and security plans, programming plans, mechanisms to measure customer satisfaction, maintenance, snow, rubbish removal, and cleaning schedules.

All applying vendors must comply with the necessary DOHMH regulations for mobile food vending.  The Parks department has opened up over 50 locations to be bid on.  For the complete list of regulations, details, and proposal requirements, click here.

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