Le District to Partially Open This Week

The giant French market, bakery, cafe, and restaurant, also known as the French Eataly, is set to be partially open this week in the Brookfield Place in Battery Park City.  Over the weekend, the Cafe District opened up to the public serving pastries, espresso, and candy.

Much to the delight of Francophiles around the city, this is also the first US location of the Paris-based candy store, La Cure Gourmande, which is now open inside the Cafe District.  Guests will have to wait until Wednesday, however, to get a taste of chef Jordi Valles’ brasserie cooking at Beauborg.  The final portion of the project, a 28-seat tasting menu restaurant called L’Appart will not open until May.

Le District has slowly been releasing details about the project to excite guests.  In case you missed any of the previous reports, here are the highlights:

The space is divided into four districts: cafe, restaurant, garden, and market.  While separate physically, guests will be able to interact with the spaces with some degree of cohesion; for example, guests can purchase a steak at the butcher and have it cooked on the grill before leaving.  Also, the salad bar will switch over to a chocolate mousse bar at 4:00p.m.  Inside the market, there’s a wine bar, rotisserie, fishmonger, bakery, and cheese shop.  In addition to the 30,000 square feet inside, Le District will also have 7,000 square feet of outdoor space, with 250 seats overlooking the Hudson.

To read more about Le District, click here.

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