Darrow’s: Farm Fresh Takeout Enterprise

115 East 18th St (Union Square)        Tel. 212.321.0997



Their Success…The increased aversion to processed, unhealthy fast food is causing New York City diners to become more and more aware of their health and what they are putting into their bodies. Darrow’s has made it its mission to provide diners with an abundance of healthy options without being entirely vegan, vegetarian or raw. Health and nutrition is at the very core of this operation with a menu that consists of healthy salads and sandwiches, side dishes, and plates geared towards specific health benefits; ie. Antioxidant Plate, Protein Plate, Immunity Plate or Detox Plate.

Chefs Taylor Thorne and David Kupperberg, who had already been familiar with creating predominantly plant-based recipes, created the nutritious recipes at Darrow’s with the assistance of nutritionist Julie Starr. This team worked hard to create and develop a healthy yet flexible menu. In keeping with the ‘farm fresh’ motto, Darrow’s sources as much as they can from local farmers markets, including their neighboring Union Square Green Market. Darrow’s currently serves breakfast, lunch and dinner with dessert options coming soon!

The two-story space consists of a take-out counter, juice bar and grab and go on the first floor, and a full-service cocktail bar and dining room on the upper level. For convenience, there are iPads at each of the tables on the upper level if you don’t want to wait in line downstairs. Each of the menu items on the iPad are shown with respective photos and prices, and at the end of the meal the guest can simply swipe their credit card directly at the table. The live plant wall, large windows and reclaimed wood décor give the space a very relaxing and calm vibe.

Take Aways…Darrow’s provides its guests with an array of healthy alternatives that consist of recipes made using nutritious, locally sourced and organic ingredients. Darrow’s mission to provide balanced meals that make the guest feel good about what they are eating is clearly evident. What stands out most about Darrow’s is the flexibility provided by both the menu items and the dining experience.