Home Cooking to Home Business

On Saturday, February 7th the Institute of Culinary Education will be teaching a strategy session on how to convert your home cooking into a home business. If you are feeling the urge to turn a culinary passion, hobby, or avocation into a business, this three-hour session will be a quick way to strategize and help get things started for you. You will cover the following much-needed information to help get you started:

  • Define Your Concept: What are you selling and how are you selling it?
  •  Relate to Your Customers: Who will buy what you sell? – Check Out the Competition: Learn from others.
  •  Legal Dos and Don’ts: The regulations, laws, and rules, health department, company structure, dealing with landlords, etc.
  •  Where to Begin: What steps are needed to get going? – How to Find Help: What can you do and what help do you need?
  •  Determine a Budget: What are the profits? How much can you make?
  •  What Will Life Be Like Afterward?

This is an invaluable class and a unique opportunity to get the perspective of ICE’s Director of Culinary Management, Stephen Zagor—a veteran restaurant consultant, educator, and former entrepreneur who has helped numerous students get into the business of food. The course tuition is $90, and will be hosted on April 25th as well as next Saturday. To register, click here.

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