Food Startup Venture Fundraising Bootcamp

On January 31st, Food + Tech Connect will be presenting Food Startup Venture Fundraising Bootcamp in NYC. This event will be a useful tool for food, food tech or agtech entrepreneurs that are in the early stages of fundraising. The bootcamp will be taught by US Venture Partners and Feeding 10 Billion Founder Paul Matteucci. The bootcamp will be a hands on experience aimed at converting overwhelming feelings to feelings of confidence by clarifying the process of raising venture capital. The bootcamp will also become available online in March, with a 50% discount if attendees sign up now!

Matteuci is a Silicon Valley investor and big advocate for food system innovation who currently works with the State of California and Stone Barns to develop programs for food entrepreneurs. His insight is key given that he has seen both sides of the spectrum, as a founding entrepreneur and now wanting to help others succeed. The program will review case studies and provide hands-on exercises on fundraising financials, market sizing, valuation, term sheets and crafting a pitch. By the end of the session, attendees should understand what it is that motivates investors and what pushed them away. Below are a few of the key takeaways from the Food Startup Venture Fundraising Bootcamp:

  • Insider look at how VCs evaluate deals
  • Understand key fundraising concepts
  • Determine which fundraising option is best for you
  • Understand market sizing and valuation
  • Create financial projections
  • Develop a rough pitch deck
  • Come up with a fundraising strategy for your company

There is limited space (roughly 30 person count), so hurry to sign up! Currently there is a discount running of $250 for the program as opposed to the normal price of $399. To register or to learn more about the launch of the bootcamp, click here.

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