Santina Opening Tonight Beneath High Line

The Torrisi team are at it again! Their new concept, Santina, evokes a very 1950’s Italian beach vibe as it is decorated with plenty of venetian glass chandeliers, palm trees and a vibrant neon signage. This past weekend the Torrisi team hosted a soft opening of sorts, for friends, family and members of the press. The opening of Santina to the public will be tonight and is already listed on OpenTable!

Santina will open at 820 Washington Street underneath the high line in the Meatpacking District. The restaurant will be serving a menu based on (but not bound to) traditional Italian coastal cuisine with an emphasis on seafood. According to Grubstreet, Rich Torrisi, Mario Carbone and Jeff Zalaznick’s menu will not include a lot of red meat (one dry-aged T-bone steak will be on the menu), and will also include, amongst other dishes, chickpea flour pancakes, turkey meatballs, agrodolce-glazed octopus spiedini, and a Guanciale e Pepe Stir Fried Rice (yum, see photo here). The restaurant will be open for dinner Monday-Saturday from 5PM to Midnight.

For more photos of the space and more info on the opening, click here.

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