Pop-Up Holiday Bar In Alphabet City

What better to do with an empty space than to open up a holiday pop-up bar? While co-owners Nico de Soto, Zah Sharaga and Greg Boehm were experiencing construction delays for the opening of their bar Mace, they decided not to let the space previously belonging to Louis 649 go to waste in the mean time. Greg Boehm’s mother had the idea to open a festive holiday pop-up bar, and that is just what they are doing!

The space is now decorated with plenty of festive garland, tinsel, Christmas lights, Hanukkah decor and playing Christmas carols while serving Christmas cocktails including “Dreidel Dreidel Dreidel (Not Made Of Clay),” made from a base of reposado tequila infused with Hanukkah gelt. Another equally festive cocktail served at Miracle On Ninth Street is the “Three Wise Men,” with Calvados, gingerbread syrup, and frankincense smoke. Another holiday cocktail to try is the “Christmas Tree Gimlet” which comes with a pine needle cordial. And while there are no savory small plates, there will be plates of Santa’c cookies served with milk shots! So Check out Miracle On Ninth Street at 649 East 9th Street between Avenues B and C, open through to December 23rd. For more information on the holiday pop-up bar, click here

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