Webinar Event: Creating a High Performance Organization

Tomorrow, December 10th, Hospitality Concepts will be hosting a webinar entitled, “Creating a High Performance Organization.” The webinar will take place from 5pm-6pm EST and will show how each organization is comprised of a variety of personalities, all with different skills that when balanced as an organization, can lead to successful operations. A few of these “personalities” include:

  • “The Entrepreneur” has the vision.
  • “The Producer” makes things happen.
  • “The Administrator” is the bureaucrat, troubleshooter, and organizer.
  • “The Integrator” helps the personalities understand one another.

The webinar will also demonstrate how best to grow a brand from one location to multiple units. The total cost of the webinar will be $49.95 per person. To register for the webinar event tomorrow and for more information , click here

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