Toby’s Estate New West Village Location

Toby’s Estate has opened its newest Cafe and Brew School in the West Village at 44 Charles Street and 7th Avenue. The Cafe is appropriately housed within a landmarked 1920s artist studio in a typical West Village brownstones. The first permanent Brew School can be found at this location, named The Brew Parlour, that offers a variety of educational opportunities for guests of the coffee house, as well as for coffee enthusiasts and aficionados.

Classes include one-on-one espresso and latte lessons as well as a new cupping series and Home Brew Methods class. The Toby’s Estate Coffee Educators will help participants to master techniques on different brewing equipment such as the Chemex and V60. The cafe’s menu includes a wide selection of single origin pour-overs and espresso from the Toby’s Estate team’s recent travels to Colombia, Honduras, Ethiopia and Panama. The Cafe will also have a larger food menu including homemade brunch and breakfast items as opposed to other outposts that provide pastries from Brooklyn and New York based rotating “residency” programs.

To check out photos of the new Toby’s Estate in the West Village and to learn more, click here

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