Community Coffee K-Cups

Keurig Green Mountain has announced a new collaboration with the coffee company Community Coffee based in Baton Rouge. This multi-year agreement will allow Community Coffee to expand its relationship with Keurig. David Belanger, President and CEO of Community Coffee states, “Partnering with Keurig allows us to further extend our products in a format that is highly desired by consumers and we are very excited about this opportunity.”

The newly produced and licensed Community Coffee “K-Cups” for Keurig machines will start coming out in the Spring of this year. Community Coffee will also be introducing packs for other Keurig products such as  commercial brewing systems used in restaurants and offices and for the K-Carafes which brew up to four cups of coffee at once. Another benefit from the agreement is that Community Coffee will be sold through Keurig’s website and company store based in Burlington, Massachusetts.

One of Community Coffee’s goals is to align its brand along with the strongest coffee brands, and the agreement with Keurig will certainly help achieve this goal. Johnny Whoriskey, president of U.S. sales and marketing for Keurig states that, “Welcoming a premium brand like Community Coffee into the mix means the loyal fans of Community Coffee will be able to enjoy the coffee they know and love with the quality and consistency they expect from their Keurig brewer.” To  read more about the partnership, click here

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