Last Minute Thanksgiving in NYC

If there’s one city where you can make Thanksgiving dining plans at the last minute, its New York City. There are a number of last minute reservations that are available and a good variety of restaurant and menu options. Below is a list of a few restaurants that GrubStreet compiled that still have reservations on Turkey Day with some great menus:

Price per person: $95
Menu: The holiday menu includes a chestnut soup with roasted brussel sprouts, heritage turkey with polenta and kale, as well as the Maialino classics such as the roast suckling pig and tonnarelli cacio e pepe. 
The Gander
Price per person: $85
Menu: The Gander is offering a four-course prix fixe menu with seasonal squash soup, a crispy calamari salad and sea trout tartare. The entrees include a dry-aged strip steak, a roasted branzino, and of course a turkey dish. 
Pearl & Ash
Price per person: $95
Menu: Pearl & Ash will be serving turkey four ways: in turkey butter, turkey sausage, turkey Wellington and fried with cranberry and slaw. Take your pick!
Price per person: $60
Menu: Daniel Boulud will be serving, “The Gobbler,” a seven-ounce Turkey burger topped with rodichio slaw, toasted pumpkin seeds and cranberry ketchup. This is not the only item featuring the holiday bird, but definitely sounds like a must to try…The three-course holiday menu also includes great pâté and ice-cream sundaes. 

To see a full list of last-minute Thanksgiving Day restaurant options in the city, along with a great list of takeout options, click here




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