First New York Lyfe Kitchen

Lyfe Kitchen (Love Your Food Everyday) is a fresh-casual chain that originated in California and was founded by some of McDonald’s longtime veterans. McDonald’s successes with large-scale operations is what can be brought to Lyfe Kitchen, giving the healthy-fast-food an important new competitor. There are 13 existing locations, and the first in New York City will be opening soon on W 55th Street near 8th Avenue.

Also appealing to the masses, Lyfe Kitchen’s menu was devised by Art Smith, personal chef to celebrity Oprah Winfrey and Tal Ronnen, known for being a vegan cooking “guru.” Whole grains, vegetables and low fat proteins take center stage on the menu to appeal to a variety of trendy diets (including gluten-free, paleo, etc.) and the dishes do not go beyond 600 calories per portion. As for beverages there will be no soda to keep with the healthy pattern, there will be however , wine and beer. Superfood-enhanced cocktails will also be part of the menu. The design is also “fresh” as furnishings are sustainable and recyclable.

To read more about the opening of Lyfe Kitchen, click here

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