Sweetgreen’s Health & Wellness Program for Children

A number of fast-casual brands have been developing in-school and in-store programs dedicated to cultivating a new generation of eco-conscious children aware of the link between food and health. Children are introduced to topics such as the environment, nutrition and sustainability through these programs. Sweetgreen is a fast-casual concept brand that began offering educational sessions to the public in their home base of Washington D.C. Sweetgreen representatives were then  invited to D.C. schools and saw an opportunity to create the schools program.

Laura Rankin, director of Sweetgreen in Schools and Sweetgreen’s Sweetlife Festival says the brand is hoping to inspire children to become “defenders of wellness.” The program has now expanded to New York and will soon be offered in 15 of Sweetgreen’s 27 outposts. Rankin states that the program, “evolved over the years to become a complete series of interactive education and nutritional classes where students learn the importance of sustainability, fitness, and eating right…the classes are also designed to introduce the benefits of healthy eating to the children.”

Sweetgreen also partnered with a team of AmeriCorps leaders, FoodCorps that focus on creating a more accessible connection of kids to healthy, sustainable food. FoodCorps founder Debra Eschmeyer stated that the partnership between Sweetgreen and Foodcorps felt very natural as both organizations share similar ideologies; “It grew from our mutual passion for connecting kids to real food…what’s remarkable and humbling about working in the healthy food space are the visionary leaders working together to create a larger lasting impact.”

To read more about the partnership between fast casual concepts and organizations that promote children’s education on nutrition, health and sustainability, click here. 

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