Maple: New Upscale Delivery Service

Chef David Chang of the Momofuko empire just signed on to create menus for the newest upscale delivery service app called Maple. This app-based service will be launching early next year and are advertising that they will guarantee a delivery time of fifteen minutes. The already existing similar app-based service Caviar will be getting some competition. Chang will be assembling a culinary board of directors to help contribute recipes and dishes to the service and also has plans for a rotating seasonal menu.

The difference with Maple is that delivery will not be coming from a specific restaurant; the team will be making their own food. Maple promises that the food will be ‘at the same level’ as in restaurants and a very speedy delivery within fifteen minutes of receiving the order. This is a very big promise in the city, so we will just have to wait to see how this will roll out in terms of operations. Chang also started selling Momofuko bento boxes to the WeWork office by City Hall so it is not his first venture in the world of delivery.

To read more about the launch of Maple and David Chang’s involvement, click here

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