Digital Employee Training

There has been lots of buzz about new mobile payment apps, menu tablets and online ordering but there has been an underwhelming focus on what new technology could mean for staff training. Digital technology can not only help scheduling but can also boost sales, teach employees correct procedures and give valuable insight to human resource departments. A company is able to have full control of online video-based training sessions whereas when an experienced employee trains a new hire, there is no sure way to trust that they are teaching the right things and in a company-approved manner.

Point-of-sale tools can help managers know whether or not servers need extra training based on the record of average sales for each table that is tracked by the POS. “Then it’s the responsibility of management to analyze those numbers and help their staff not only be accountable but also optimize sales,’ says Allan Barmark, whose firm creates custom training programs for businesses. Digital technology also allows for training to take place in a self-paced way because it is available online; there is no need to close the restaurant or hold classes that are difficult to schedule with different locations and shifts.

Food safety training is also made easier by digital technology as it ensures that employees have completed the required training and keeps a record. If there were ever to be an issue, the employer can rest easy knowing there is proof of completed training. Barmak also mentions that digital training technology gives managers and human resource departments new tools to use in identifying employees with the potential to move up in the company and tracking their progress.

To read more about what digital technology can mean for employee training, click here

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